October 28, 2007

Real Mom Books

I know it is hard for mommies to find time to read a comic strip, let alone an actual book with paper (not cardboard) pages and chapters. But there are a few books that I have found helpful on this mommy journey, and I wonder if you may have some to share as well. Please do!! Here are a few of my favorites:

1) Dare to Discipline by James Dobson- I read this one while I was pregnant with my first, I think that was a little early, but it did get me started on the right path setting up parameters for our children.
2) On Becoming Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo- This book is sometimes controversial. But I'll tell you that in my experience, this book helped me sanely get through the first year with both of our daughters. My advice is to use their suggestions with your mommy instinct. The book even states that, but those who claim controversy forget that point. Putting our girls on a schedule was the best thing we ever did. But we kept it flexible and we did not allow the schedule to dictate us. My suggestion is to read this before you have your baby.
3) Taking Care of the Me in Mommy by Lisa Welchel - Great book with lots of tools for making time for yourself and becoming a better mommy because of it.
4) Coach Mom: 7 Strategies for Organizing You Family into an All-Star Team by Brenna Stull - I have the privilege of going through this book currently with the Author. Brenna is one of our pastor's wives. She is truly a women of God and filled with the Holy Spirit. That said, this book really challenges you to organize your life and your family so that we can spend less time on housework and the daily tasks of motherhood and more time with our children.
5) Raising your Kids for True Greatness by Tim Kimmel - This is a book that I have started, but have not finished yet. It is really a revolutionary look at the way we are raising our kids in America and how we as Christians can redefine success for our children.

So, your turn. What are some books that you would suggest?? Please leave the title and author's name with a short description in a comment. I look forward to seeing what everyone is reading and hopefully discovering a new book to help me along the journey. Also, if you have read any of the above books, please feel free to comment.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a book to add to your suggestion list - Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel. Her discipline ideas are very appropriate, biblical and remind us to "think outside the box" when correcting our childrens behavior. You should be able to get it from your local library.
Kristi Graham

TulipGirl said...

Clay and Sally Clarkson are great at writing books for mommy-encouragement.

I'm currently reading Sally's "Mission of Motherhood." And while I've been committed to investing in my children for the Lord's sake since before they were born, this book has been great in helping me re-evaluate and re-focus in my mothering. On the other hand, I read Clay's "Heartfelt Discipline" several years ago, and found it a wonderful correlation to what the Lord was doing in my life personally. He does a great job of helping parents break away from formulaic parenting and get back to relational parenting and relying upon the Lord. After all, isn't that what we want? Still, it is so easy to get caught up in the momentary struggles of parenting and latch onto ideas of people who say "If you do XYZ, then your kids will turn out great. . ."

Similar to that concept is Ross Campbell's "Relational Parenting." I know his son, and find that hearing him talk about his Dad and his family is a great tribute to the ideas Ross shares.

Grace and peace,