November 30, 2007

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Since the season is upon us, I thought it would be good to discuss homemade Christmas presents. Every year since our parents became grandparents, we have provided them with a little hand crafted present from their precious little grandchildren. These gifts are great for many reasons but the two greatest reasons is that they are inexpensive and they are personalized by the kids. Happy for you and happy for Grandma and Grandpa. So in the last four years we have made picture frames with each family member's name (in the perspective of the child like Papa Jim and Uncle Tim) and then put a picture of each person with the child in the frame. Then when My daughter was two, we made dishtowels with her hand prints and the year on them. A set for each set of grandparents, and one for us. The materials were found at Walmart pretty inexpensively and she had lots of fun making the towels along side her friend who was making them as well. This year we are making something that I would love to discuss but cannot, lest I ruin Christmas for Grandparents who check on this site. Gifts that you or your children have made by hand are a much more personal way to say Merry Christmas, not to mention usually more inexpensive.
So, I thought that it would be a good idea to share a couple of resources here. I hope that others will leave comments sharing some of their favorite homemade Christmas ideas as well as great resources for the rest of us. My absolute favorite resource for any time of the year is It is a website based on the magazine of the same name. The website is really easy to search for age appropriate crafts that will warm a loved one's heart. In addition to gifts, Family Fun is also a great resource for decorating ideas that kids can create so that they may have some part in decorating for the season. You can also check out your local library for great craft books that won't cost you a dime. Another idea is to go to Michael's or another craft store (I LOVE Hobby Lobby and I have to say, my friends in the Northwest are truly missing out!!). Anyway, back on topic, The craft stores sometimes have project idea sheets that are free. And Martha Stewart's craft line has a few projects that would be good gifts for grandparents or other loved ones. If you aren't crafty, your child is too young or maybe you are afraid of what your child might do with a little craft glue, there are also many gifts that you can make on online photo centers like Shutterfly, Photoworks,, etc. Ranging from mugs, to t-shirts, calendars to coffee table books, the special people on your list will love a picture or two of their favorite little ones.
So, what have you done in the past, and if you have any other resources to share, please dish!


mom b said...

Katie, You are amazing. I love reading this blog. Your children are blessed to have you as their mother.

Get Real Mom said...

Thanks Sandy!

Hey, I just got done making 22 ornaments with my girls. I bought a kit of craft foam and it was about $7. We are going to give them as gifts to their little friends. There was no glue mess because they are all stickers and the girls had a blast decorating them! Very fun!

Anonymous said...

I love hobby lobby too! And miss it! There is one in Sioux Falls. :-)
I made calendars this year on shutterfly... and am currently making christmas cards there as well. I hope to make personalized gifts every year.

Eric and Julie said...

One year for Christmas we decided to give the grandparents rugs, we bought plain remnant rugs at a local floor company. I bought craft paints, the girls each put there feet in paint and we stamped the rug with each foot and wrote there names on the rug, we also put the year. I think my parents still have it in there hall closet and this was about 9 years ago.
I have to say I like this site..great job Katie!

Katie said...

Great ideas ladies!! Thanks for contributing!