March 8, 2008

The Kindergarten Question

From the moment I new I was pregnant and having a summer baby, I have felt pretty strongly that I was going to wait until she turned 6 to put her into Kindergarten. This being said, now I am finding myself unsure of that decision. My oldest turns 5 this summer, approximately 4 weeks before school starts. So now, I am wavering on the Kindergarten question. Do I start her in a class where she will be among the youngest or do I wait one more year, as I had originally planned, when she will be among the oldest in the class. I was held back and attended pre-Kindergarten because I was a June birthday. So my perspective is only of being part of the older crowd. The only advantage I really remember was being 16 before most of my friends. I don't really know if I would have struggled more being a year earlier. Most of my elementary teacher friends say that since my daughter is a girl, it's a no brain-er. If we were talking about a boy, it's a little tougher for them if they start too early. My concern is that if I wait, she may be bored by the time she does start, then the struggle will be keeping her interested. But if I start her too early, she will grow to hate school because it is too hard. That being said, she seems to be hitting the benchmarks for kindergarten readiness (based on my research, that Masters in Education is coming in handy, if not lucrative). So if I don't have that excuse then I guess I have to admit that I have a fear of turning my precious, innocent, little girl out into the world. Where she will be exposed to harsh words and harsh realities. Maybe that is the biggest thing that makes me want to keep her out another year.


adriene said...

We were all set to send Leandra to Kindergarten next year. Cal cut off is Dec. 2nd. I had her registered and everything. But there have been somethings that have happened in the school district that she would go to that have made us change our minds. They expect tons out of our 5 year olds to much presure and too short of an attention span. Leandra is very ready academically. Her pre-K teacher says she is ready. But something inside of me just said wait. Let her be a little care free kid one more year. So this is what we are now doing. Leandra will be going to a Transitional K class. It's 4 days a week with less presure and a smaller class size. I think you just have to listen to your mom instincts on this one, every child is different, and every school district is different.

Katie said...

Transitional K sounds like a good Idea. Wish we had that here. They only offer pre-k to students who are ESL or have other learning issues and need a head start. One thing that I do like is that we live in a one school district. There is only one HS, JH and Elem. And the Elem is going to be in a new building two blocks away!

adriene said...

Yeah smaller is better. Our district is so big. Every Elem is on a year round schedule due to the number of kids. It is so crazy. The Transitional K is offered at the preschool we are sending her to. It's going to be a strech for us. But it will be worth it. Have you check out any of the private schools to see if they offer Transitional K? But it sounds like Lindsay would do just great. I was so impressed with her last year and how well she could draw her shapes. It's a tough call, especially since we don't get to know what lies a head for them.