August 8, 2008

For Sale: One Completely Useful Pot Without Its Crock

Yes, it's for sale. Not that I want to sell my crock pot, but since I don't have crock for the pot anymore it's not useful for me. Maybe it's useful for you??

This story starts with sugar. I was planning for an easy dinner tonight since I am going to my monthly escape from kids and husband (also known as scrapbooking night). One of those easy crock pot dinners in a bag. No work, just set it and forget it! As I was pulling my crock pot out of the pantry, the cord pulled with it the sugar canister. In slow motion I watched the tiny white granules hit two shelves before filling the crate of Tupperware at the bottom of the pantry. I quickly put the crock pot on the island counter near my children who were waiting for me to start making lunch. Reminding the angels not to touch the crock pot as I worked to clean up the sugar all over the pantry. I knew this was going to be a tough mess to pick up. I pulled out all of the affected plastic items (which ended up being all but 3 or 4 pieces) threw them in the sink. Reminded the 3 year old not to touch the crock pot. I then picked up the towels and cloth napkins that were on one of the shelves that was hit. Reminded the 3 year old not to touch the crock pot. Finally swept up as much as I could from each shelf and the ground. As I was taking my last swipe with the broom I heard a ghastly CRASH a few steps away. I turned slowly to find this:
I wish I could say that my first reaction was to laugh uncontrollable at the complete absurdity of the situation, but I didn't. I yelled "I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH THE CROCK POT!!!" This sent the before mentioned 3 year old into tears which I felt completely guilty about. So I decided to force a laugh and try to get the girls to laugh as well and focus on how funny this day was turning out to be. It didn't work for the 3 year old. She cried nearly the entire time while I swept yet another mess up. As far as the glass and ceramic went, it is amazing that nobody was hurt. I was standing where this picture was taken from with only flip-flops on and the girls were on stools shielded by the island. We found pieces as far away as 15 feet and some managed to jump onto the kitchen table. The mess made one huge pile of glass. And as I was putting what was left of the crock into the garbage, a chunk fell off and hit my foot. For the split second before I looked at my foot I thought, "Now wouldn't that just be perfect." Thankfully, nothing was wrong, just a little red.
So now I am left with a lonely pot, missing it's crock. Not to mention back to the drawing board for dinner. The pot needs a new (safer) home, anyone?

I wish I could say that was it for the messes. After the clean up we had lunch and the 3 year old spilled her juice on the floor. My 5 year old keeps saying, "this is such a BAD day!" I tell her, "nope it can only get better." And besides, God's in charge of whether it's bad or good. We are in charge of our attitude and how we handle it.

6 comments: said...

And Thank God that these types of days do not happen often!

Anonymous said...

Your story is marketable. Put together another 50 or so, as well written and funny/touching, and you have a book. Send it out to all the publishers you can find, and there will be a taker.

Dad S

patti bradfield said...

Life's little moments, caught in your memory for time eternal. The only thing that is missing is tiny foot prints on the surgery floor.
Wonderful story and Dad S is right, more please!

Your second cousin

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that;) Do you know that if you contact the manufacturer sometimes you can get replacement parts cheaper than purchasing new?

An anonymous surfer.

Anonymous said...

I really got a charge out of the girls empathy for the situation. If they didn't hurt for you....I would be hurting. Keep up the great work mom.

Dad Bauslaugh

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate with you - when I was still home and Bob was 5 - he wanted some milk and I told him to wait. Well, he was impatient and pulled the milk out of the fridge and spilled it all over the floor. Yes, I handled it completely wrong, I said Bob, I told you to wait and if I recall it wasn't in the nicest tone of voice. All I remember is Bob looking at me with those blue eyes and saying well, accidents do happen. I never forgot that day and used that phrase many times with my girls. "Well, accidents do happen." Love and miss you guys. Hugs to the girls - Aunt Chris