January 22, 2013

Eating My Words

Shortly before my blogging hiatus, I blogged about my rejection of emealz, the meal planning program. Ha! Well. Four years later, I'm eating my words.
I <3 eMeals
At the time, we were eating pretty cheaply. I wasn't extreme couponing, but I was doing pretty well getting 3 meals on the table for less than 70$ a week for four people. At least I thought so.
The truth is, we were eating the same few meals over and over and as for the quality and healthiness of those meals, a lot was left to be desired. I finally decided to give emealz (now emeals) a chance. I was desperate to try new meals, and not to spend a ton of money testing out those meals. So about two years ago, we started emeals meal plans.
I was nervous about the money I spent on that first trip to the store. Not because it was a ton of money, but because I was trusting my food budget to this new system. What if my kids hated the meals?!! My worries were quickly squashed. The first week was a hit. We did have a couple if meals that we didn't love. But out if that bore a mealtime game of rating the emeals: one star, we hate it, two stars, it's ok but not our favorite, three stars, it rocks! I knew it was a hit with my kids when my mother's day card said "I like the way my mom cooks." There is no way hot dogs and mac n cheese would get that response! We have been on emeals ever since.
Times I have been really thankful for emeals:
1) while we lived with my parents for a year- mom was going through cancer treatment and I was cooking for 7, sometimes 9 people.
2) After having my 4th child, and living in a new town, too far from family and friends to provide meals (we did get one meal from Lance's work friend).
3) wanting to eat healthier, but not knowing how, we selected the 'low fat' option.
4) accidentally selecting the Paleo plan and discovering we really like it.

You should try it!  Follow this link:
eMeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!

What is your biggest issue with meal planning?

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Anonymous said...

We just switched to the paleo plan. With being pregnant, I've had some issues of too much sodium/fluid retention a little too early in a normal timeline.

Figured paleo plan is less processed food, so, less sodium! AND I love that this was confirmed simply because the meals specifically list "kosher salt" instead of normal salt.