October 23, 2008

To tired to blog

This week has been long and tiring. I feel like it should be Saturday! I am really tired of looking at the computer screen and nothing coming to mind to blog about. I have a whole list of topics on my white board but nothing is sparking me this morning. So, I thought I would take a break. Then I thought, "I can blog about taking a break!" Ha! So take a break! You have my permission, I have my permission. Here are some things we can do on our break from the computer:

1) take a bubble bath
2) drink a cup of coffee or hot chocolate (in the bubble bath!!)
3) play a game with the kids
4) read a book
5) go to the library to get a new book
6) take a walk (when it gets warmer, brr its cold!)
7) listen to music
8) scrapbook
9) go to Hobby Lobby to get more scrapbook stuff!
10) take a nap!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the list...I wish I had time to scrapbook OR sew the cool projects that I thought would be fun to buy fabric for....think it will be more fun just to go back to the JoAnn's Super Store that just opened and walk around feeling inspired :-)

The bubble bath sounds good, too, though!!