October 10, 2008

What would you do with this?

Restore the antique or re-purpose the cabinet?

This radio/phonograph was purchased on craigslist for $25. It needs a lot of work no matter what we do with it. I am conflicted though. I am pretty sure that it could be a valuable antique. Do I restore it to it's former glory or do I paint and refinish it in a way that would destroy it's antique value? You can see the phonograph in the drawer and on the other side is a radio dial. It's cool isn't it? What would you do?


Marianne said...

I have no clue since i've never taken on a project like that. I guess it would depend on the purpose of the cabinet and your decor?

Good luck with your decision!

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that if if you have a love of music try to restore it to its former glory.
If not I would suggest making a cabinet out of whether for for the tv or even computer.

greenANDgeek said...

It would depend on whether the phonograph and radio are in working order and if not how difficult it would be to repair them. It may just be too much work to repair them to even really consider restoring the piece. Also you need to consider if you would have a use for the piece if it were restored to it's original condition. If not I would turn it into something you can actually use because in the end it is better to have something you can use, especially since there is no sentimental value attached to the piece (it isn't a family heirloom or anything like that). Just my opinion though.