November 11, 2008

After Pictures of Day 1 and Day 2 Plan

Making my home a haven...

Here are my after pictures from yesterday. You probably couldn't tell what was under all that stuff! I felt really good because I got all of this done before lunch. In addition to the effectiveness of lists, I learned that I really don't have much of an excuse to not get things straightened up. It didn't take that long and I felt more comfortable in my house all day long! Instead of walking into the kitchen and being stressed by the mess, the energy from the room was much more positive. And my bedroom felt more like a retreat at the end of the night. The only thing I didn't get to was the car, but it really isn't bad, just need to throw out some papers that seem to accumulate.

So today I am going to follow the Challenge and Clean. Here is my list for today:

Clean up Kitchen dishes
Clean downstairs bathrooms (upstairs bathrooms don't get used very much)
Vacuum downstairs and the stairs (I vacuumed upstairs last weekend) I LOVE my new vacuum cleaner so this will be fun!
Sweep and Swiffer tile floors
Clean the inside of the fridge
Clean out the Microwave
Wipe up the front of the oven and the dishwasher
Walmart run
Nap (I might as well admit to my blogging friends that I am 7 weeks pregnant and need to take about a 30 min nap in the middle of the day to function)
Read devotional while waiting for daughter in carpool line
After school Snack and read with the girls
Dinner- Chick Fil A school night (Like I need an excuse)

My devotional this week is on Leah. Interesting character. She was the unwanted bride of Jacob. Her sister was the one he wanted but their father tricked Jacob into marrying Leah first then working more years to get Rachel, the wanted sister. What discord must have existed between the sisters for all of those years. I will pray that my home and yours is one of peace and unity.


The Darlings said...

Wow looks good Kate!

Katie said...

Thanks Sis! I'm ready for company any time!! ;-)

Rachel said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! Your house looks great!

Catherine said...

Oh your house looks GORGEOUS! Well done, you must feel great (and maybe a bit weary!)
I like your profile description about being a learner. I always think it is funny how we are given such a big responsibility in raising kids, with (usually) NO experience! I often shake my head at the mistakes I make! I guess in years to come we will look back and laugh, and marvel that we (and the children) survived! Have fun on day 2!

Bridgett said...

You did great! I'm totally loving your countertops & sink! :) I have candles practically everywhere.