November 12, 2008

Making My home a Haven Day 3: Cared For

Today I had to come up with a project that I have been putting off that needs some attention. Hmmm....what to do. Since I always have everything done that I want to have done, I have to be creative with this one. NOT! I have a lot of things that I could put on this list today. I could put them all on my to do list today but then I would feel defeated by the end of the day so that's not really productive. So I think I will choose a couple and hope that I get it done!

To Do:
Get 5 year old to school
Pick up pictures from Walmart (didn't make my walmart run yesterday)
Organize pictures for Scrapbooking crop on Friday night
Sand Radio cabinet in the garage to prep for painting (will probably take the rest of the day)
More sanding
Pick up 5 year old (devotion in the car while waiting in line)
After school snack/read books with the girls
Dinner- Probably Hot Dogs tonight because of Church
Wednesday night church activities

Wow, that still looks like a long list. Wish me luck! I added the link to my radio cabinet, maybe you have an idea of what to do with it. Right now I just plan to prep it, then I will decided to paint or restore it.


Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

Praying for your day today!

Beth Moore said...

Saying a prayer for you today. =) I love that you do devotional in car line. I'm sooooo going to do that today. Great idea!

thehomespunheart said...

Your list looks great! I have done my share of sanding - a LOT of work!

I love that cabinet - either stained or painted with some new fabric in the bottom - it would make a great storage place for toys, books, dishes, anything! Love it!

Katie said...

Thanks Monica! That's what I was thinking about doing. I just need some confidence! It's my first big project like this.