May 22, 2013

Making Baby Food

It's easy!  Who knew??

First I should apologize to my friends that I laughed at (behind their backs, of course) in the past when they said they were going to make their own baby food.  Seriously, I thought there was no way that making food for the baby on top of all the other baby duties and taking care of the rest of the family was easy. I was wrong.

I fell into making baby food.  A few weeks ago, my baby was approaching 6 months, my husband was out of town, and I wanted to start solids.  I had some frozen peas and one of those stick hand puree thingy bobbers.  I steamed the peas, pureed them, and voila!  Baby's first food.

Now I can't stop.  I found this great website: and I've been pureeing anything I can get my hands on! His favorite is Parsnips.  Last I checked, Gerber doesn't make that.  :-)

In the interest of full disclosure, I still buy the Gerber stuff for easy travel, but I try to use as much home made food as I can.

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