March 8, 2014

A new journey has begun.

Lets get real about weight.  It stinks!

About 2 months ago, I started a journey to a healthier life.  As I've gotten older, I have tried to get healthy in a variety of ways.  I've exercised, changed the foods we purchase, and exercised some more. We've tried different menu plans to encourage our family to eat healthy.  Paleo, Clean eating, low fat, low carb, all of them.  While all of these methods were great, none of them seemed to make a difference on our waistline.  And most of the menu changes left me feeling hungry and craving more. Nothing is more discouraging then doing all of this work and not seeing the changes you had hoped for.  We would end up quiting, fully discouraged.

I was increasingly becoming disatisfied with my weight.  Every year, there seemed to be a new baseline, and that line was getting higher and hiegher.  I didn't like where this was going.  I don't want to be too tired or unhealthy to do fun things with the kids.  I also found myself hating pictures and trying to avoid being in them.  I don't want the kids to grow up and ask, where was mom?

It felt like a losing battle.  I had drawn the line at diet pills and shakes and other artificial "helps."  I knew that if weight loss is to really work, it has to be natural and sustainable.  I didn't want to risk my true health for weight loss.  Then, a good friend who is a registered Dietitian started talking about Plexus Wellness Products.  She had my ears.  I knew if she was endorsing Plexus products, then they must be natural and effective.  So I decided to take the plunge, and I took Lance with me.

In January, we began taking the Plexus Slim or 'Pink Drink' and 2 accelerator+ capsules a day.  Right away, I noticed how much better I felt.  I had energy throughout the day, I didn't crave sugar in the middle of the day, and at night my sleep was amazing (I had not even realize how poor my sleep had been)! A week later, I had lost 4lbs.  I loved how I felt, but was still skeptical as to if I would actually lose the weight I was hoping to lose.  At the 4 week mark, I had still only lost 4 lbs, but I liked how I felt.  My husband had lost 9lbs and felt great as well.  We decided to go ahead and re-order, and we placed a perferred customer order to save a few bucks.  Then we started getting people asking us about the drink, and what it does.  We realized that if we really wanted to save more money and be able to share the products with our friends and family, we should sign one of us up as an ambassador, so we did.  

This past week we hit our 8 week mark.  Both of us are very happy with how we feel and how our weight is coming off.  I am now at 9lbs lost, and he is at 12lbs lost.  I do not have sugar cravings at all now.  I can't tell you how freeing that is!  I just don't want it.  I went into a Starbucks and only bought a greek yogurt!! WHO DOES THAT??!! This girl!  I have dropped soda all together and don't miss it. Lance has had a harder time with sugars... but he has recently started the ProBio 5 product and we are hoping that will help.  We are able to make better choices because we don't have that desparate need for carbs or other things that just made us feel yucky and added weight to our bodies.  Plexus helps us do this by balancing our glucose and lipid levels naturally.  We look forward to getting to our weight goals with Plexus and the accelerator, then just continuing with the drink to maintain our weight.  I know that this tool will help us achieve our goal and make long standing lifestyle changes that will help us be healthy all around.

 Finally, I just want to say, Plexus is not a diet drink, it's not an energy drink, its not even a weight loss drink.  It was develeoped to help people get healthier with their blood glucose and lipid levels naturally, using natural ingredients.  The side effect was weight loss.  The side effect to getting healthier is weight loss.  Period.

Visit my plexus store at  My ambassador # is 238440

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