March 8, 2014

Now lets talk Plexus Slim

Let's get real about the product.

Plexus Slim is the main weight loss product of Plexus wellness products.  But it is so much more than that.  DON'T think diet... think tool.  Plexus Slim is a tool for getting you on a healthy path.

Let's start with the history:
Slim was developed originally to help people with type 2 diabetes gain control of their glucose and lipid levels.  The developers also wanted to create a product that was natural and would not interfere with medications.  In the trials of the product, they noticed that not only did it accomplish those goals, but weight loss was a side effect.

The science:
Plexus slim is made of all natural ingredients.  These ingredients curb sugar cravings by normalizing glucose and lipid levels.  When these levels are normal, our brain isn't telling us we NEED sugar.  Without controled levels, we are stuck in the sugar cycle.  We crave sugar, so we eat sugar, which makes us crash, so we need sugar again, and on and on... All that sugar becomes unused energy that becomes fat.  I will be honest, on the science side of this product, I wish there were more information. A scientific study on the product itself would be helpful for those needing or wanting solid scientific information.  That being said, the proof is in the results.

The results:
For 5 years now Plexus Slim has been changing lives.  It has not only helped people with Type 2 Diabetes get off or reduce their insulin and other meds, but Plexus customers have seen improvement in other conditions as well.  Now, let me be clear that Plexus Worldwide does not claim that Plexus Slim will cure any conditions.  Testimonials are posted every day where people have reduced or eliminated their prescription medications because of the balance that Plexus Slim or other Plexus products have brought to their bodies.  And because of the safe, natural ingredients, doctors are encouraging their patients to try Plexus Slim.  There have even been some stories of childern and adults with ADD being able to get off of prescription drugs because of taking Plexus Slim.  People with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia are reporting that the Pink Drink has helped them reduce their medications as well.  And of course, weight loss has been reported in case after case.  If you want to know more, seek out some of the Plexus testimonial groups on Facebook.  You will see stories from real people and their successes.  You can request to be in this one to read many testimonials.

I will end by saying that Plexus Slim does not work for everyone.  Every BODY is different.  It's just a fact that there is nothing that is going to work for 100% of everyone.  Plexus worldwide knows this, that is why they give you 6o days (TWO MONTHS!) to try the product out and see if it could work for you.

Don't wait another day to get started on your Plexus Journey, start today!

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